Sod Services in Baton Rouge, LA

Are you planning to sod your property? Belle Sod Company offers the best sod supply in Baton Rouge, LA. When you want a lawn that lasts and is easy to maintain, lay the proper groundwork with sod delivered to your door by our professionals. We offer the following sod services:

  • Sod supply:

    Our sod farm in Baton Rouge, LA offers nothing less than the best. Our quality sod creates beautiful, lush lawns in no time. Whether you need to replace grass at your home, complete a new construction project, or enhance your commercial setting, we offer the perfect solution. We provide leading products that will transform your property.

  • Sod delivery:

    When you need reliable sod delivery, look no further than Belle Sod Company. Serving home and business owners throughout the region, we deliver to a 120-mile radius. We ensure your sod arrives on time, when you expect it. We know you count on our delivery to keep your project running smoothly. That’s why we are committed to exceeding your expectations, every time.

Sod Products

Belle Sod Company offers top-quality sod products. We specialize in the following grasses:

  • Centipede Sod:

    Centipede grass is a slow growing, coarsely leaved turfgrass. It is low-maintenance, requiring little fertilizer and infrequent mowing. It performs best in low-traffic and high-sun areas.

  • Tifway 419 Bermuda Sod:

    This is a finely textured, deep green turf. Bermuda 419 is weed and disease resistant. These qualities make it a top choice for athletic fields and golf courses, as well as residential lawns.

Contact Belle Sod Company today for top-quality sod supply and delivery. Schedule your next service with our friendly staff at 225-473-7251.